Another Leg on The Edge

It’s time for another leg of my trip around the edge.  I hope you will follow along and offer any comments.  If this is your first visit, please scroll to the bottom of the site and read up to see the history of this trip and previous stops.

I last left the edge on the Western side of Big Bend National Park, and that is where I will officially start this one.  Since I live in Atlanta, there will be some travel to get there and I will chronicle that as well.  I also have a new ride for the rest of the lap around America and I’m anxious to see how it performs.  It’s a 2002 Toyota Landcruiser that we have modified for this type of overlanding.  I will reflect on those modifications as they come into use on the road, but I owe a huge thank you to the folks at ACC Toyota here in Atlanta for the excellent work getting it all put together.  If you are anywhere in the Southeast and want the very best in Toyota maintenance and modification, these are your people.

Another change this trip out is that I won’t be joined by my son for any of it. I will miss him terribly.  I expect that I will be thinking of him often, however, and will do my best to look at the sights and sounds with his eyes when I can, and share them for his benefit.  As an accommodation, I am going to be joined by my wife for a music festival halfway out, so if you have ever wanted to hear about old people at a Rolling Stones/Bob Dylan/Paul McCartney, Neil Young/Roger Waters/Who show when one of the people has never camped out before and the other has been in the woods for 10 days, be sure to look for those posts.  Should be entertaining.

Anyway, lots of changes, but one thing remains constant — I can’t wait to get started.  Searching the edge that defines our nation, understanding its history, chronicling its beauty (or lack thereof), and doing my best to reflect on its role in who and what we are will reward me.  I hope to share those rewards with you.  The truck is packed.  Time to go.

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