Wandering Again

Well we are in the final stages of prep for another adventure.  In Australia I have heard them refer to these sorts of things as “walkabouts” where you head out with no real agenda or plan, and just enjoy the experience.  We are a little more organized than that – we know generally where we are going and when we expect to get back – but not too much.  The point of these things is equal parts what we go to and what we leave behind.  For a time, we leave everything, on purpose, to make room for new experiences.  There just happens to be a ton to leave behind this trip, and that somehow makes it seem more valuable.  Both of us are ready for what is possible and we have that great sense of expectation that my grandmother used to call being “journey proud”.  We will make a great loop from home to Carlsbad, Guadalupe Mountains, Saguaro, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Kings Canyon/Great Sequoia, Yosemite, Great Basin and Black Canyon of the Gunnison and back home.  We will see things, great things and not so great, we will share the experience of leaving behind and going to.  And we will come home.  Watch here for our wanderings along the way.

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